Clover Petroleum Private Limited

is a growing corporate entity engaged in LPG business since its incorporation in August, 2011. Its storage and filling plant situated in Wazirabad, has an installed capacity of 100 Metric Tons and filling capacity of 60 Metric Tons per day.

CPPL aims to offer an efficient, high performing and clean fuel with all the convenience and flexibility of an alternative to conventional fuels. Over the years, the company has established a network of over 300 distributors in different cities of Pakistan.

Currently CPPL caters to the local demand of LPG by providing to 1300 to 1500 metric tons of LPG per month.

Owing to its strong financial standing, CPPL holds a remarkable reputation with local banking sector. This reputation enables us to act as a vital supply chain from partners to customers, providing reliable linkages with all national distributors across the Pakistan.

CPPL consider the valued customer as the family members and shareholders of it, which is reflected by economical and ecofriendly units and products. The CPPL plant structure is a reflection of modern technological designs which is based on highly sophisticated materials and is efficiently installed to ensure the high levels of effectiveness and performance of work. Cylinders are got manufactured according to national and international demands and strict criteria has to followed in quality and to ensure the safety and eco-friendly environment.